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The Wexstar ETR-008 Plug-In Thermostat with digital display remote control allows you to automatically control the temperature of the room when plugged in to save energy when using your Wexstar heater.


Simply choose the temperature and time schedule you desire and the Plug-in Thermostat will turn any plugged device on/off automatically based on your weekly schedule to reach the preferred temperature every time.​ ​


  • Digital display.
  • Week programmable.
  • Timer function.
  • Smart mode function is a monitoring function that turns off/on automatically the heater when the room temperature falls down/rises continuously over 1.5/34.7F within 3 minutes.
  • Multiple panels can be paired to work with one remote.
  • / button to convert the temperature display measurement unit.
  • FAV (favorite temperature) setting
  • Easy to operate and simple plugs into a standard socket for DIY installation.​
  • Temperature cont