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Wexstar has the leading technology of far infrared panel heaters. Highest efficiency rates and lowest possible energy consumption of the infrared heating element.

What all panels have in common is the unique Carbon Nickel panel integrated, which performs better than all commonly used electric conductors.

Panel component diagram

Our newly developed electric conductor, which is more durable than steel, generates the highest possible efficiency rate. Pressed in epoxy ceramic resin, Wexstar panels can reach the optimal surface temperature, which gives an additional improvement in efficiency and therefore saving energy.

As opposed to existing panel heat generators that simply use carbon paper or wires, Wexstar panels use a new concept. Until now, due to the difficult processing and application technology, it is only produced by limited companies and only for special individual projects. Wexstar ​improved the existing technology and we are able to offer our new technology at very competitive prices so customers may enjoy our technology from the comfort of their own home. High efficiency combined with our connection system and patented reflector technologies (all produced infrared rays are emitted to the front)

Each panel is equipped with five built-in security sensors to protect the panel from overheating. The structure of the panel (the panel is both forward and backward protected by aluminum plates).

Together with well-known institutes, technicians and laboratories, Wexstar will keep on innovating to stay at the forefront of highly efficient heating technology.
Infrared heating is the future of efficient and affordable heating and together with our business partners, suppliers and customers we strive to spread this message so this heating technology may be accessible worldwide. 

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