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The Smart-Plug allows the heater and other devices to not only be switched on and off remotely but also regulate the heater’s activity based on a schedule, temperature, location, and more, all using an app on your smartphone device. 


  • Turn the heater On and Off anywhere in the world.
  • Have multiple Wexstar Heaters units connected at the same time in a group.
  • Set up a count down timer to keep the heater on as long as necessary.
  • Simply create a schedule, with the exact moment you want your heater to automatically turn on & off.
  • Allow the heater to turn on and off automatically based on the temperature in that city's location, weather forecast, humidity, Sunset-time & more! 
  • Allows the heater to automatically switch on and off based on when you enter or leave your home or any other location.
  • Uses 2.4 GHz WiFi radio frequency to provide a maximum range.
  • Share your device and permit control to others!

Smart Plug

    • Diameter 5cm (does not obstruct other plugs)
    • 120v AC,60 Hz
    • 1200w general use.
    • Working temperature -20(-4 F) to 50C (122F).
    • Uses 2.4 GHz WiFi only.
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